Is Car Paint Protection Film Worth It? Pros, Cons & FAQs

You’ve seen cars that are so dinged and scratched they look rather unimpressive or just plain dilapidated. You shudder to think of your new car or paint job deteriorating to such a degree. But is it worth getting Paint Protection Film?

Depending on how often and where you generally use your car, it’s only a matter of time before the same fate befalls your car’s exterior. Even if you’re careful, scratches and dings will show up, whether due to a loose cart at the grocery store or pebbles thrown back by a semi in front of you.

There is one proactive thing you can do, however, to avoid damage to your car’s paint: let Loupe Detailing install Paint Protection Film. If you’re wondering whether it’s worth it, read on about the many protective functions of Paint Protection Film as well as possible disadvantages so you can decide for yourself whether the investment is worthwhile.

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is it worth getting paint protection film

What Is Paint Protection Film?

Paint Protection Film (PPF) is a thin, transparent layer of polyurethane material applied over various panels or your entire car. It shields the paintwork from debris, bird droppings, bugs, and other environmental conditions that threaten the integrity of the paint.

Paint Protection Film forms a barrier that helps prevent scratches and stains from these sources on your car’s exterior. You can opt to have it applied only to especially vulnerable areas, such as the front bumper, side mirrors, hood, and fenders, or you can cover your entire vehicle for more protection. 

If you want to keep your car’s finish looking immaculate for years, let the professionals at Loupe Detailing apply a Paint Protection Film that you will always be proud of investing in.

Is Paint Protection Film Worth It?

Paint Protection Film is worth it if you want to reduce damage to your car’s paintwork from the following sources:

  • Bug splatter
  • Roadway debris, such as dust, rocks, and pebbles
  • Chemical stains
  • Minor scratches
  • Hard water spots and swirl marks resulting from improper cleaning materials and techniques

How Does Paint Protection Film Work?

Paint Protection Film consists of two layers, an adhesive backing that makes it adhere to the clear coat of your car’s paint and an outside layer made of urethane. This outside layer is thick and flexible enough to absorb the impact of flying debris so that the paint doesn’t chip.

Besides protecting against oxidation, UV, and pollutants in the air, it can also “heal” itself. When the thermoplastic polymer in the film heats up (because of ambient temperature or the use of a heat gun), it becomes more malleable and thus can smooth itself out so that scrapes, scuffs, and scratches are no longer visible.

As the film ages, its self-healing capability diminishes. But if you maintain the Paint Protection Film properly, it can last up to 5-7 years.

is car paint protection film worth it

6 Reasons To Consider Paint Protection Film

So how useful is Paint Protection Film? Consider the following benefits of having PPF applied to your vehicle.

#1: Keeps Paint From Fading

Weather is an unavoidable hazard to your car’s paintwork. Besides damage caused by precipitation and windborne debris, sunlight can also cause your paint to fade and become dull. This is especially noticeable if your car receives uneven sunlight, since the effect may be a patchy appearance.

Paint Protection Film’s unique chemical makeup works as a sunscreen for your car’s paint so that this doesn’t happen. If you choose a glossy film, your car will stay glossy even after significant long-term sunlight exposure.

#2: Protects Against Environmental Contaminants

Various environmental contaminants contain acids that can degrade the paint and leave ugly stains or rust. These include:

  • Acid rain
  • Tree sap
  • Bird droppings
  • Dirt

Paint Protection Film protects your vehicle’s paint from these and other environmental contaminants. It also minimizes the effects of sand and salt, which can damage paint because of their abrasive properties.

#3: Deflects UV Rays

You know sunlight causes automotive paint to fade, but how does it happen? UV rays break down the paint pigments and cause them to oxidize, resulting in a different hue. If your car receives too much direct exposure to sunlight, this will likely happen to your car’s paintwork.

Keeping your car covered — whether in a garage or with a car cover — is not always feasible, but Paint Protection Film ensures your car is protected from the effects of UV rays anywhere you go.

#4: Safeguards Against Scratches

Various events can lead to scratches in your car’s exterior with different degrees of severity. Anytime you park in a lot, you run the risk of your car getting dinged by a neighboring car door or — if you’re near a store — loose shopping carts. You might even be a victim of vandalism, but Paint Protection Film can even protect against keying to an extent.

Road debris can be damaging to a car’s paint even if it is very small, whether because high speed amplifies its impact or because it gets rubbed into the paint during a car wash.

Car Paint Protection Film is worth it because it keeps these scratches from showing up. A little heat will smooth these out and keep your car looking unblemished. You won’t have to spend the money on new paint jobs, so over time the film will pay for itself.

paint protection film worth it

#5: Reduces Need for Regular Washing

Washing and waxing your car takes a good deal of time and doesn’t even protect against UV rays and many other hazards. Frequent washing may even cause greater erosion of your car’s paint.

While having Paint Protection Film on your vehicle certainly doesn’t mean you never have to wash it again, it does mean that contaminants will have a harder time sticking to the surface. So less frequent or less vigorous cleaning sessions may be an option for you.

#6: Maintains Resale Value

Any change to your vehicle since you bought it will affect its resale value. If you plan to resell your car, it should be in excellent mechanical condition. But the condition of the exterior is also critical. Every scratch or scuff will lower its value.

Buyers are less likely to want to invest in a car that doesn’t have an excellent paint job. If they do, they won’t pay as much for a beat-up-looking exterior, even if the car is in perfect working order. 

If you have a Paint Protection Film, you can be sure your car’s paint job will remain intact and unblemished (barring damage from a major accident) for many years.

Are There Disadvantages to Paint Protection Film?

There are some disadvantages to consider before investing in Paint Protection Film, but you will likely find that they do not outweigh the benefits.

  1. First, it can yellow over time, but our PPF has a manufacturer’s warranty against this and other changes that come with the age of the film.
  2. Second, the adhesive lower layer of Paint Protection Film can cause the paint color to become duller. However, if you choose an installer that uses high-quality film, this effect can be minimized. 
  3. Third, Paint Protection Film is not meant to be permanent. You will eventually need to replace the film, but you can be sure the cost will be covered if it falls within the warranty period.

Paint Protection Film installation isn’t cheap, and the cost is higher for more extensive coverage. Nevertheless, you should rely on a professional installer to ensure that high-quality film is used and that it is not installed improperly, leaving swirls and imperfections.

If you want to be sure your Paint Protection Film lasts as long and effectively as possible, rely on Loupe Detailing to do the job for you. Contact us to receive a quote for our PPF service.  

is it worth getting paint protection film

Paint Protection Film FAQs

How Useful Is Paint Protection Film?

You can’t use soap to wash your vehicle until the first two weeks have passed, which is how long it takes for the PPF to completely cure.

After two weeks, you still have to be careful about what you allow to touch your car’s exterior. Don’t use any products that contain naphtha or kerosene, which can eat through the finish. You also shouldn’t allow anything containing dye to touch the surface, as this will stain the transparent film.

You also must be careful about the way you spray water on a vehicle with PPF. Be sure to keep your distance and aim away from the edges of the film.

Can You Install Ceramic Coating Over Paint Protection Film?

Yes, you can install ceramic coating over Paint Protection Film, and professionals highly recommend doing so. Ceramic coating can make the film last longer and decrease its likelihood of yellowing, cracking, and peeling. Although PPF protects the paint from environmental hazards, these do have a cumulative effect over many years.

How does ceramic coating work? It has water-repellent properties that make it easier to eliminate contaminants from the vehicle’s surface. These contaminants might settle into an unprotected PPF and make removal difficult.

In addition, a ceramic coating gives your car a beautiful gloss that PPF alone can’t achieve.

is paint protection film worth it

Should I Get Partial Front-End or Full Front-End Paint Protection Film Installation?

The extent of coverage you invest in depends on your preference. People with newer cars often want more protection.

Both partial front-end and full front-end installation protect the areas of your car’s exterior that are likely to receive the most impact from scrapes and road debris. The full front-end installation provides more coverage for these areas than the partial front-end installation.

Loupe Detailing Service: Professional Paint Protection Film Installers in Buffalo, NY

After learning all the benefits of Paint Protection Film, is it worth it? At Loupe Detailing, we definitely think so. Our customers have reported not only satisfaction with our PPF service but also relief at having invested in Paint Protection Film.

We are certified in the installation of Paint Protection Film. So you can be sure that, whatever the make and model of your car, you will receive it back with a seamless, expertly applied film. We perform this service in our Amherst shop.

You can call today to receive a personalized quote and schedule an appointment to have the film applied to your vehicle. We will discuss what protection you hope to get from the Paint Protection Film, what level of coverage is satisfactory for you, how you will need to maintain it to ensure its longevity, as well as any other questions you may have.

We look forward to serving you and assuring you the best protection for your car’s exterior.

is it worth getting paint protection film