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At Loupe Detailing, we understand there are few things in life more irritating than getting a chip in your windshield. That is why we now partner with technicians to offer on-site windshield chip repair services at our Amherst shop. Our windshield chip repair services are your alternative to a costly windshield replacement. 

If you’re looking for convenient, affordable windshield chip repair in Buffalo, NY, call us today to schedule an appointment for your vehicle. 716-303-3884

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How Does Windshield Chip Repair Work?

Windshield chip repair is a process designed to address minor damage to a vehicle’s windshield, typically caused by small stones or debris striking the glass. 

The repair involves injecting a clear resin into the chipped area using a specialized tool. The resin is carefully applied to fill the void left by the impact and bonds with the surrounding glass. 

Once the resin is in place, it is cured and hardened, restoring the structural integrity of the windshield and preventing the chip from spreading further. The process not only improves the appearance of the damaged area but also helps to maintain the overall strength and safety of the windshield. 

Quick action in repairing chips is crucial, as neglecting small damages may lead to the formation of cracks that could compromise the entire windshield, necessitating a more extensive and costly replacement. 

Overall, windshield chip repair is an efficient and cost-effective solution to preserve the integrity of a vehicle’s glass.

Windshield Chip Repair Benefits

✔ Cost-Effective – It’s more affordable than a full windshield replacement

✔ Time-Efficient – The repair process is quick and convenient

✔ Insurance Coverage – Many car insurance policies will cover the cost of windshield chip repair

✔ Safety – Repairing chips helps maintain the structural integrity of your windshield

✔ Aesthetic Improvement – It minimizes the appearance of chips and cracks

✔ Prevention of Cracks – Timely chip repair can prevent damage from spreading and cracking your windshield

FAQs About Our Buffalo Windshield Chip Repair Services

How Long Does Windshield Chip Repair Take?

Windshield chip repair is quick and efficient. It can take as little as 30 minutes to complete. 

How Much Does Windshield Chip Repair Cost?

The cost of your windshield chip repair can vary based on the extent of repairs needed. Call us today to get an accurate quote for your windshield chip repair. 716-303-3884

Is Windshield Chip Repair Suitable for All Types of Chips?

Windshield chip repair is generally suitable for small chips around the size of a quarter or smaller. The size, location, depth, and type of damage can determine whether windshield chip repair is the best option for your vehicle. Our skilled technicians will be able to determine upon inspection if your windshield chip can be repaired or requires a windshield replacement.

What Happens If I Don’t Repair a Windshield Chip Promptly?

The longer you delay getting your windshield chip repaired, the more challenging it will be to repair. Over an extended period of time, dirt and moisture can contaminate the affected area, which can affect the effectiveness of your repair and affect the clarity of the glass. Delayed repair can also lead to chips expanding into cracks, which require a full windshield replacement to fix.

Can I Drive Immediately After a Chip Repair?

Yes. The resin used to repair your windshield chip sets quickly, allowing you to resume normal driving almost immediately after repair.

Can Windshield Chip Repair Be Done on Tinted Windows?

Yes, windshield chip repair can be performed on tinted windows. The repair process is applied to the exterior of the windshield and does not affect window tint. If you’re interested in window tint installation, click here.